Alumnus Participates in Local Street Painting Festival

July 26 2017
Category: Alumni

Alumnus Chris Bell ’00, an artist and art teacher in the Horseheads School District, recently participated in the Tenth Annual Elmira Street Painting Festival. Bell’s impressive chalk drawing of an octopus represented two festival sponsors, Seneca Beverage and Heroes Comic Book Shop.

The tentacles of the octopus reached across Elmira’s downtown Water Street from sidewalk to sidewalk, and even scaled the side of a building. As he drew, the arms of the octopus took on a life of their own, going underneath, slithering into and out of cracks in the pavement. Bell had many students and fans stopping by to watch his progress throughout the weekend-long festival.

The Elmira Street Painting Festival is an annual art-filled, family fun weekend where artists take over the streets of downtown Elmira and create beautiful works of chalk art.