Soaring Summer Scholars Experience College Learning

July 27 2017
Category: Campus Life

This week elementary students from the Soaring Summer Scholars program at Finn Academy, an Elmira charter school, were on campus for guided tours and an interactive look at college life. 

The visits, coordinated by Finn Academy and the Office of Career Services, included hands-on art demonstrations, lab projects on insects and plant biology, visits to the Mark Twain Study, and a presentation on the women’s rights movement. All of the campus activities and faculty demonstrations connected to the curriculum of the kindergarten through fourth grade students.

Elmira College students also interacted with the each group to answer questions about sports, studying, travel experiences, and getting into college.

“This is the second year we have partnered with Finn Academy to bring their summer scholars to our campus, and it continues to be an enriching experience,” said Julie Fielding, Director of Career Development at Elmira College. 

“This year we connected the students’ campus experiences very closely to their grade-level lesson plans, which created an even better learning environment. After being on the campus, many students expressed excitement about the idea of college and continuing their schooling, which really helps validate the impact of this summer program,” said Fielding.

Finn Academy is the first charter school approved in the Southern Tier of New York. The school opened in August 2015 as a K-3 school and continues to grow into to a K-8 school.