Dr. Corey McCall Participates in Academic Roundtable, Paper Presentation, and Review

July 26 2017
Category: Faculty

Dr. Corey McCall

Throughout the summer, Dr. Corey McCall, Associate Professor of Philosophy, has participated in an academic roundtable discussion, paper presentation, and review with national and international colleges and universities. 

McCall’s roundtable discussion on "Activism and Philosophy" with graduate students in philosophy from Marquette University, UCLA, and the University of North Carolina-Charlotte was part of the annual meeting of the Caribbean Philosophical Association in New York City. 

His contribution, "Activism and the Question of Critique," examined the self-image of philosophy as a discipline devoted to critique going back to the ancient Greeks.  He argued that this self-image could blind philosophers to the shortcomings of philosophy understood as a critical discipline.

Dr. McCall’s paper presentation titled, "Melville's Poetics of Suffering" was part of the panel "Melville's Poetry and Philosophy" at the 11th International Meeting of the Melville Society at King's College in London.  His paper argued that we can read Melville's Civil War poems alongside Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy in order to see how both are trying to use art (specifically poetry) as a means of rendering suffering meaningful.  

Additionally, Dr. McCall was invited to review Understanding Foucault, Understanding Modernism by Gary Gutting, co-editor of Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. Click here to learn about the review.