Trip of a Lifetime: Student Reflects on Term III Excursion to South Africa

July 05 2017
Category: Academics

Hannah Keil '19 Term III

Meaningful student experience. It's what individuals hope to achieve during their academic careers at collegiate institutions. One of the ways students at Elmira College can reach this goal is through the college's unique Term III travel abroad program, a six-week course that allows students to explore parts of the world that they could only see on television or the big screen.

Hannah Keil '19, a student-athlete on the Soaring Eagle field hockey team, took advantage of EC's Term III opportunity this past spring by traveling to southernmost country on the African continent – beautiful and culturally diverse South Africa. During her travels, Keil participated in archaeological digs, wild-life safaris, and explored the various terrains of the region along with many other once in a lifetime experiences.

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