Accounting for a Future Career

June 30 2017
Category: Academics

This week’s #SoaringToSuccess story spotlights Marisa Bernadi '18. Marisa, an accounting and business administration double major with a concentration in management recently interned at Valicenti Advisory Services in Elmira.

Let’s learn more from Marisa…

Marisa Bernadi

This past winter, I interned at Valicenti Advisory Services, a financial advisory firm in Elmira, NY. Valicenti is a relatively small firm that offers investment, insurance, tax and business services to both individuals and corporations. With the help of the Elmira College Career Services team and my advisor, Professor John Savash, I was able to get an internship in the tax and business services department.

As an accounting and business administration major that intends to become a certified public accountant (CPA), working in the tax department during tax season allowed me to get a feel for what a career in accounting would be like, especially during the busy season. This internship made me feel more prepared for life after college.

Marisa at her internship at Valicenti Advisory Services

Throughout the internship, I performed various tasks, including weekly and monthly bookkeeping, inputting information into tax software, processing tax returns, and several other projects. This type of hands-on learning helped me to apply the concepts I studied in class to real accounting work. It provides a more dynamic understanding of accounting principles that provides a solid base for me to build a career.

Not only did I get to learn much more about tax accounting and the accounting profession as a whole, but I also experienced working in a professional setting with other accountants. I learned how to use my resources to expand my knowledge, especially through asking my coworkers questions. I am grateful for my coworker’s dedication to helping me learn by being willing to explain the task, its purpose, and how it will apply to any future job I may have. I am fortunate to have spent the time at such an amazing firm, and thankful for the help and support of EC Career Services throughout this experience.