Dr. Allyson Graf Published in the Journal of Adult Development

June 14 2017
Category: Faculty

Dr. Allyson Graf was recently published in the Journal of Adult Development

Research by Dr. Allyson Graf, Assistant Professor of Psychology, was recently published in the Journal of Adult Development.

The article, titled “Successful Aging Across Adulthood: Hassles, Uplifts, and Self-Assessed Health in Daily Context,” examines the ways in which age, sex, daily uplifts, and daily hassles influence fluctuations in self-assessed health (SAH).

In the research, a 14-day experience sampling study was conducted among community-dwelling adults. The distribution-free method of generalized estimating equations was used to examine whether changes in the intensity of daily hassles and changes in intensities of daily uplifts predicted subsequent changes in SAH.

Both hassles and uplifts influenced SAH, although neither age nor sex influenced these associations. Graf’s findings outline the benefits of examining daily context as an influence on successful aging.