Five Under Five: Sarah Thomassen ’12

June 09 2017
Category: Alumni

Five Under Five: Sarah Thomassen ’12

As Reunion weekend draws closer, we are continuing our “Five Under Five,” series featuring a question and answer session with an Elmira alumnus who graduated within the last five years.

Today, meet Sarah Thomassen who graduated Elmira with the Astonishing Class of 2012 with a bachelor of arts in history and adolescent education with a focus on social studies. In 2015, she earned her master of science education in literacy. Sarah currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan and is working as an English as a foreign language teacher.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Elmira?

My fondest memory academically was my student teaching experience in a seventh grade classroom at the Ernie Davis Middle School. It was an amazing and rewarding experience. My co-curricular involvement like playing field hockey and being a member of the dance clubs are also some of my favorite memories.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned in or out of the classroom at Elmira?

My junior year at Elmira, I was voted captain of the field hockey team. I entered college very soft-spoken; I never imagined I would one day be captain of my team. This experience really taught me what kind of leader I am meant to be. I will never be the captain yelling down the field, and that is okay. I am a leader by example, a mentor, a good listener, and a supporter.

How did your experience at Elmira impact your passions in your career and who you are today?

I was unsure about whether I wanted to pursue education or go down a different career path. The Term III field work in a junior high school during my first year at EC helped me to choose education as my future career. My philosophy of education, classroom management style, curriculum design, and much, much more have been shaped by every professor I had at Elmira.

What advice do you have for current undergrads or students considering attending Elmira?

Try new things. Ask questions. Make mistakes.

What is the best thing about being an Elmira alum?

I still own a lot of purple and I can usually be seen wearing my EC apparel. Being a part of the EC community did not stop after graduation. Elmira has an amazing alumni network.