Nationally Cited Book Aids With College Decision

May 19 2017
Category: Admissions

Summer is quickly approaching and, for many graduating high school students, the countdown to, and excitement for, college has begun.  But for some, that decision has yet to be made and the pressure is on.

Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding on Your College - Cover

The book, “Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding on Your College,” by current Elmira College President, Dr. Norman Smith, may aid those struggling with that last-minute decision. 

The book was recently included on “A Compendium of Recent Research and Books of Interest to Higher Education Professionals,” published by the Council for Independent Colleges.  And while on a list for higher ed professionals, the purpose of the book is to provide guidance to students, parents and guidance counselors working through the college decision process.

“I hope some of the information compiled, and opinions expressed, will be of value to high school college counselors, and to the parents of college-bound students,” said Dr. Smith. “I hope the views expressed in this book will redirect advising in ways that help more students make the right choice for the right reasons.”

Dr. Smith draws upon more than 45 years in higher education as he presents 24 mistakes commonly made by students, and their parents, as they go through the college selection process.  The book is also intended to assist high school guidance counselors as they work with students contemplating the best school for their aspirations.

The book is available online for free download.