Where Are They Now: Tyler Tarnowicz '16

April 28 2017
Category: Alumni

As commencement season approaches, we are kicking off a new series, titled, “Where Are They Now?” We are catching up with alumni from the Class of 2016, finding out what they are doing today, and sharing their advice for the graduating class, just one year after walking across the stage themselves.

The series begins with Tyler Tarnowicz '16 who is currently attending the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Let’s head to Boston and learn more from Tyler…

Tyler Tarnowicz

Almost exactly a year to the day that I graduated from Elmira College, I will be graduating once again – this time from Harvard University. It is so hard to believe it has already been a year since leaving Elmira and coming to the Boston area to pursue a master’s degree in education.

During that time, I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest minds in education as well as be exposed to a community with a wide variety of perspectives and lived experiences. At this moment, I am looking to finally enter the field and put everything I have learned at both Elmira and Harvard into practice. Although I am not quite sure where these next few months will take me, I am confident that my experiences up until this point have provided me a strong foundation for which I will build the rest of my life.

I believe one of the most significant lessons I have learned during my time since graduating Elmira has been in being patient and “going with the flow.” I always laughed at my professors, parents, and other adults that would tell me the clichés that we all hear about “if it’s meant to be, it will be” or “patience is a virtue, ” but the truth is, that they are common sayings for a reason. It is so easy to leave college optimistic and thinking that everything fits perfectly into line, I know I sure felt that way. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not the case at all. In fact, very rarely does everything line up perfectly and come naturally. It is hard, it takes patience, and it takes failure.

Life after graduation is by no means glamorous. The beauty in that, though, is that once you accept these realities, you give yourself the freedom to loosen up control and simply go where your experiences take you.

So that is my advice to the graduating class – give yourself the freedom to loosen up some control, be prepared to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life, and make it a point to do things that you are truly passionate about.