Law Internship Provides Hands-On Experience, Career Connections

April 21 2017
Category: Academics

This week’s #SoaringToSuccess story spotlights Michelle Insalaco '17. The political science major, who plans to attend law school after Elmira, interned at the Sullivan Trail Legal Attorneys for Children in downtown Elmira.

All the evidence seems to point to a successful career ahead, but let’s learn more from Michelle…

Image of Michelle Insalaco, EC student

Law has always been a passion of mine. I love witnessing the law process and I'm always interested in how laws impact others. This past Term II, I was an intern for Sullivan Trail Legal Attorneys for Children.

But this wasn't the standard internship you always hear about; I was really a part of the office. I was able to shadow numerous cases in family law and was invited to watch criminal law trials as well. I got to know attorneys across the legal environment. I met and got to know many public advocates, public defenders, social workers, Department of Social Services (DSS) employees, judges, and court police officers.

My internship was not pure shadowing either. I actually assisted the attorneys. I rewrote a memorandum of law, worked with a parent of one of our clients to ensure our attorneys had the important information, and helped pull important information from files. I also conducted my own interview with one of our clients, which actually brought up some significant information. 

This was honestly an amazing experience for me with some real hands-on experience. I also made some amazing connections, which I hope to carry throughout my future career as an attorney.