Gannett-Tripp Library Wraps Up National Library Week

April 14 2017
Category: Academics

Gannett-Tripp Library

This week was National Library Week and to finish out the festivities we spotlight the people you might see the most when you walk into the Elmira College Gannett-Tripp Library – the front desk staff.

Pam Wheeler and Blaine Johnson-White manage the front desk in the library lobby. They are there during the day and at night to help answer questions on anything from help getting through a research or writing block. Today, they share some of their insights and tips. 

What are some of the library resources we should know about?
“The Publications tab on the library website is a great way to search for paper topics and references.” – Blaine

“Through the library website students can see what book they have checked out, when it is due, and renew items if they are still using them. This helps to avoid any fines.” – Pam

Describe your favorite database or resource. Why is it your favorite?
“I utilize EBSCO’s Academic Search Complete the most out of all of the databases because it searches a very vast collection of articles.” – Blaine

How can members of the community benefit from visiting the Library?
“Members of the community can come in and receive a special borrower’s card which allow them to check out books. They may ask for information about the Elmira-area, the College, or Mark Twain, some of which I may know the answers to, but if not I gladly direct them to Nathaniel Ball, our archivist.” – Pam

What are your fondest memories of being at the Gannett-Tripp Library?
“Seeing or hearing from some of our past students, and hearing how well they are doing. They often share some of their memories working with me in the library.” – Pam

“I was thrilled when I was first hired to the staff. The opportunities the College has afforded me are unimaginable and I hope to one day do something great to repay this institution.” – Blaine

How else did the library celebrate National Library Week?
Jan Kather, media artist at Elmira College created a display that celebrates this year’s National Library Week theme, “Libraries Transform” by displaying books from the College’s collection on Mahatma Gandhi.

In addition to books by and about Gandhi, a copy of a book that influenced him is on display: Sir Edwin Arnold's English Translation of Bhagavad Gita - "The Celestial Song."

The books will be on display for a few more weeks.