ISM Finger Lakes Region, Inc. Endows Prize at Elmira College

April 20 2017
Category: Academics

Image of ISM representative and Chuck Lindsay

ISM Finger Lakes, local affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management, recently presented Elmira College with funds to endow an annual prize for a student or students studying business and economics at the College.

"I'm pleased to present these funds to Elmira College for the establishment of the ISM Finger Lakes Endowed Prize," said Eric Watson, president of ISM Finger Lakes Region, Inc.  "We've had a great relationship with the College and it's good to know that ISM Finger Lakes will continue to foster education while enhancing the profession of supply chain management in the years to come."

For more than sixty years, ISM Finger Lakes Region, Inc. has been the local go-to organization for education, training, professional certification, and sharing of best practices among professionals in procurement, transportation, and supply chain management careers. As part of its educational mission, ISM Finger Lakes, Inc. conducted an annual scholarship program for regional college students who majored in Business Administration, awarding more than $40,000 to support studies.  Funds for the scholarship program were raised through the annual Buy-Sell Golf Outing and picnic.

Given declining membership, the board of directors, with the support of the local membership, voted to dissolve ISM Finger Lakes Region, Inc. in December 2016. The board approved the donation of remaining assets to Elmira College to support the establishment of the ISM Finger Lakes Endowed Prize.  The prize will be disbursed annually by faculty within the business and economics programs in the name of ISM Finger Lakes Region, Inc.

“We are very honored that ISM Finger Lakes chose to create this endowed prize,” said Charles Lindsay, provost and president-designate at Elmira College. “It’s through this type of financial planning that we are able to establish funds to recognize and support students in achieving academic excellence."