Five Under Five: Emily Ewald ’12

April 04 2017
Category: Alumni

Our “Five Under Five” series features a question and answer session with an Elmira alumnus who graduated within the last five years. Meet Emily Ewald who graduated Elmira with the Astonishing Class of 2012 with a bachelor of science in secondary education and social studies and in 2014 earned her master of science in education literacy from Elmira College.  Emily currently lives in Norwich, New York and is working as a literacy specialist and social studies teacher at Unadilla Valley Central School.

Image of Emily Ewald

What is your fondest memory of your time at Elmira?
Looking back at my time at Elmira, my involvement as a Resident Assistant,  cheerleading, dancing in the student clubs, and all of my friends gave me so many memories.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned in or out of the classroom at Elmira?
The most valuable lessons I learned as a student are to be involved and to not be afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone.

How did your experience at Elmira impact your passions in your career and who you are today?
Elmira helped me to figure out what I was good at and where to focus my interest and ability. Education was not my original plan, but through classes and field experience I found I had a passion for learning that I would be able to share forever.

What advice do you have for current undergrads or students considering attending Elmira?
Elmira provides amazing experiences for their students. Take advantage of those! Enjoy everything and learn as much as you can.

What is the best thing about being an Elmira alum?
I am still very close with a lot of people I met while at Elmira, be it friends, teachers, other administrators, or anyone else. There are always opportunities for networking and reconnection in general. Being an Elmira alumni creates a connection with all other Elmira students past and present. 

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