Student Drawings of U.S. Presidents on Display

January 17 2017
Category: The Arts

Student Artwork

As part of the 2017 Arts Alive celebration, three Elmira College students contributed drawings to The American Presidency exhibit at the Gannett-Tripp Library. 

The community is invited to view the exhibit, on display in the Library’s lobby showcases, from January 21 to February 28 during regular building hours

The student drawings are showcased with a collection of biographies and other titles on the presidency from the Library's book collection, as well as political cartoons about Lincoln, Cleveland and Franklin D. Roosevelt, and other information from sources such as the U.S. Constitution. 

When asked to choose a president to draw, John F. Kennedy came to mind for Sam Berger '18 because her high school history teacher spent many classes discussing his presidency. Sam created a digital drawing with new software and equipment.

Atu Machika '18 chose to draw Barack Obama, saying, "when I came to America from Malawi, Obama was the president. He is the only president I have known, so the choice seemed obvious to me. He is a great role model. I think he's more relatable because he is of mixed race, with a white mother and a black father. He is the first African American president." 

Campbell Grade '17 chose to draw Richard Nixon, calling the portrait I am Not a Crook. She said, "I drew from a photograph of a younger Nixon holding his favorite dog Checkers." It reminded her of a scene from The Godfather movie, where the main character sits elegantly with a rose in his lapel while calmly holding his cat.

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