An Attorney in the Making

December 09 2016
Category: Academics

This week's #‎SoaringToSuccess story spotlights Thomas Finnigan III ’18. As an economics and political science double major, Thomas intends to go to law school. And we won’t object that his summer internship experience will help him do just that.

Soaring to Success   Thomas Finnigan   Soaring to Success Rochester

Let’s learn more from Thomas himself…

Over the summer, I had the remarkable opportunity to complete a summer law internship with The Law Office of James L. Riotto, a top-rated criminal defense attorney in Rochester, N.Y.

The focus of my internship was the development of various practical skills that would be beneficial for my future career. Unlike most legal internships at the undergraduate level, I did not merely photocopy and alphabetize documents. Instead, I learned to write various legal documents including motions to dismiss, affidavits, and 440 motions (motions to vacate judgment). I also conducted specific case research by analyzing recordings of police interviews with our clients and observed court proceedings on numerous occasions.

Not only did this internship provide me with necessary legal skills that will be extremely beneficial in the future, it also introduced me to the court environment and the intricacies of the legal profession.  The extremely talented attorneys and legal staff I worked alongside at The Law Office of James Riotto have undoubtedly furthered my interest in law. After completing this internship, I feel more prepared for my future as a law student. In addition, my experiences have solidified my goal of becoming an attorney.