A New Set of Keys

November 16 2016
Category: Admissions

Gold Keys

Upon arriving at the purple and gold campus of Elmira College, you’ll be greeted by a Gold Key. A student who has key insights to the best studying spots, all the clubs and activities offered on campus, along with stories of their time at the College.

Sophomore Gold Keys, the newest set of Keys, are still perfecting walking backwards, with only tripping or walking off the path a couple times. But it wasn’t long ago they were looking at colleges, making that transition from high school to college, working through nerves about having a roommate, or searching for clubs and activities. These students are now making Elmira their home, and sharing those experiences, along with new student advice, with families touring Elmira College.

What kind of stories and advice do they share?  Read below for a few of the things that stand out the most to the newest Gold Key members.

Why Elmira?

“I chose Elmira College because it feels like my home away from home with the atmosphere of campus life, so many amazing people, and the beautiful campus. The academics offered are also very impressive and stood out to me more than any of the other colleges I looked at.” - Makayla Krause

“I love the people here. I've made so many friends since coming here last fall, and to leave here would be incredibly heartbreaking for me. Also, I really like the strong academic programs offered here.”- Alexander Garey

When Looking at Colleges:

Find a college where it feels comfortable and like a home away from home. Do an overnight stay at any college you are really serious about because it will help you gain a better perspective of the college and campus life.

Go with your gut. Choose a school that fits the majority or all of your criteria, as well as a school that makes you want to go back to see and learn more.

High School to College Transition:

“The best way to adjust to college life is to get involved. By doing more, you meet more people and make the memories that will last a life time. As a sophomore, I am the president of the Class of 2019, a member of Elmira College Women's Basketball team, the senator for Circle K, the treasurer for EC Concert Ensemble, a member of Christian Fellowship, a member of Elmira College Dance Marathon, and a member of TEACH club.” - Makayla Krause

Favorite Part of the Tour:

“My favorite part of the tour is seeing the reaction of the families when I mention how students are encouraged to swim in our fountain. Occasionally, I'll even demonstrate if I'm wearing shoes that slide off easily.”- Alexander Garey

“My favorite part of the tour is when I show off the dorm room because I really talk up Columbia Hall’s closets since they are so huge and hold so much!” - Makayla Krause

Most Frequently asked Question:

"Can freshman have cars on campus?" The answer: yes. Students just need a parking pass for their car, which are free and can be picked up at campus security.

Stay tuned for next week’s Gold Key story which features insight from the Junior class as they soar to new heights, travel with Term III trips and prepare for life after Elmira.