Professor, Student Co-Author Paper to be Published

November 17 2016
Category: Academics


Dr. Amarendra Sharma, Associate Professor of Economics, and Abigail Carr ’16, an economics and accounting alumna, recently co-authored a paper that has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Applied Economics.

The paper, titled, “Food Insecurity and Standardized Test Scores,” explores the impact of food insecurity on students’ standardized test scores by using a state-level panel data from the United States.

The findings suggest that food insecurity is a significant factor in determining the Math-SAT scores, with lower Math-SAT scores resulting from increased food insecurity.

Although, a few studies based on micro-level survey data have found evidence to link food insecurity to children’s learning outcomes, this is the first study to find this link using a macro-level panel data from the United States. This indicates that the problem of food insecurity is much more pervasive than what the small-scale studies have suggested.

This paper was originated in Dr. Sharma’s econometrics course. In February 2016, Dr. Sharma presented this paper at an international conference organized by the Economics Department of Burdwan University in India.