Term III: Life-Changing Studies, Travels, Experiences

September 29 2016
Category: Academics

Do you want to travel? Study abroad during Term III gives students not just that, but an opportunity to experience and understand countries, cultures and topics differently.


“Traveling is challenging, but traveling is transforming,” said Dr. Charles Jacobson, Associate Professor of Mathematics. “There’s just something about being there; about engaging a destination with all your senses and having it occupy all your thoughts, that changes you forever.” 

And many students agree.  Here’s what one class shared on their travel blog documenting a recent Term III trip to the United Kingdom:

“While being away from home for college has a significant impact, leaving your home country and experiencing entirely new customs is even more formative. We will never be the same. Our worlds have stretched just a little bit farther…”

Ready to pack your bag and go? Below are just some of the destinations and opportunities available during this unique six-week session:

Click here to start planning your Term III experience and read a full list of destinations and course descriptions.