Term III in the British Isles: Exploring the United Kingdom and Ireland

September 01 2016
Category: Academics

Term III at Elmira College provides students a deeper look into new topics and subjects through experiential learning and travel. Emeritus Professor Gerald C. Parkhouse started offering this course 30+ years ago with the focus on international travel to England. For the past eleven years Prof. Alison M. Wolfe, Associate Professor, has continued to lead a group of Term III students on what is now currently the second longest-running travel course program at Elmira College, including stops in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Students on this Term III travel course were introduced to the history, peoples and institutions of United Kingdom and Ireland. It gave them the opportunity to experience the historical, political, economic, artistic, literary, cultural, and educational environments of these countries, through a multi-dimensional focus on developments up to present day.

Students were also exposed to British and Irish institutions including the Parliaments of both countries as well as the cities of Bath, Belfast, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, and York. They also visited Oxford University, Trinity University, and major museums and architectural sites. Other highlights included:

This travel-course provided students a chance to understand the contemporary issues in Great Britain and Ireland from the 18th to the 21st centuries, and to examine its contemporary way of life and its role in the world. It also illuminated the social, economic, and even religious bases of struggles about parliamentary democracy, while helping students examine the relationship of these two great countries with the European community and the United States.


To learn more and see photos from this Term III trip to the British Isles, check out the students’ blog from 2016 and 2015 classes respectfully,  http://ecuk16.blogspot.com/ and http://ecuk15.blogspot.com

This course will be offered in the Spring 2017 term. For more information on the upcoming course, please refer to the upcoming information session(s), in the  2017 Term III HUM1915 Course Information Poster.”