Nursing Scholarship Changing Lives

September 28 2016
Category: Academics

There is a shortage of nurses nationwide, but the Elmira College-Corning Incorporated Foundation Nursing Scholarship is offering students a chance to help solve that problem.

This year five students were awarded the scholarship: Andrea Gridley ’19, April Spencer ’19, Erica Ward ’19, Ashley Shaver '20, and Veronica White '19. And for these recipients, the scholarship means different possibilities and future careers in nursing.

Nursing Scholarship

April Spencer, an Elmira native and mother of three, hopes to work in a hospital’s labor and delivery department and later become a midwife.  Today, the scholarship is helping her achieve the first steps toward those goals.

“I have always wanted to be a nurse, and without this scholarship it might not be possible. Now, I am focusing on school, my family and achieving my dream,” said April.

Another scholarship recipient, Andrea Gridley, a commuter student from Campell, New York, was inspired to become a nurse after her grandmother was in the hospital.

“Being there with my grandmother, I really saw the impact that nurses have on patients and their families,” said Andrea. “With this scholarship, I can focus on my studies and gain the hands-on skills I need to become a successful nurse in this area.”

Erica Ward also an Elmira native and mother, found her motivation for pursing nursing after one of her children was born weighing only two pounds. After an extended stay in the neonatal intensive care unit or NICU, her child survived and is now in elementary school.

“By becoming a nurse, and dedicating myself to this profession, I feel that I am giving back to those that helped me and my family,” said Erica.

The Elmira College-Corning Incorporated Foundation Nursing Scholarship, established in 2014, is open to graduates of Corning Community College who are continuing their education and completing a Bachelor Degree in Nursing at Elmira College.

To learn more about this scholarship opportunity, click here, email:, or call (800) 935-6472.