McCall Article Published by Foucault Studies

July 18 2016
Category: Academics

Corey McCall
Dr. Corey McCall, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion, recently had an article titled,
"Rituals of Conduct and Counter-Conduct” published in a special issue of the Foucault Studies.

In the article, Dr. McCall provides an account of the role of ritual (or the conducting of conduct) through an analysis of key texts from French thinker Michel Foucault from 1973 through 1981.

Dr. McCall claims that ritual plays an essential role in Foucault’s analysis of juridical forms and sovereign power, as well as conduct and counter-conduct, understood as features of governmentality and political rationality.  To read the full article, visit the Foucault Studies website.

Foucault Studies, is an open-access journal which provides a forum for the discussion of French thinker and poststructuralist, Michael Foucault.