Student Photography Featured in “Dodge and Burn” Book

July 11 2016
Category: Campus Life

student photo

Dodge and Burn, a print-on-demand book, features selected photos and statements by Elmira College students enrolled in Photography I courses during the 2015-2016 academic year. The words "dodge and burn" are rarely spoken in Photoshop's digital language, but it is a phrase quickly learned and spoken by everyone who has ever worked in a darkroom. Dodge and Burn proposes that film photography is not yet a lost art, as explained here by Amelia Butler '17: 

"Working with film was a whole new experience for me. I was so used to being able to point and shoot and then view the picture right after. At first it was difficult to understand shutter speed as well as the different aperture settings simply because it was all new to me. However, I really enjoyed the surprise that I received after viewing my processed film. I never really knew how my pictures were going to turn out. Along with never working with film, I had never worked in the darkroom. This experience was very neat as it was a trial and error basis. I liked being in control of how my pictures turned out based on the lightness and darkness of the overall picture.

I was never a fan of black and white photos simply because I felt that pictures needed color to help portray a message. However, after working with black and white film I grew to love these photos. In fact, they do tell a story to the viewer, but just in a different way."

Dodge and Burn can be viewed here.

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