Jan Kather Presents “Erasures” at State of the Art Gallery

May 24 2016
Category: The Arts

Invoking sources as varied as Robert Rauschenberg, Milan Kundera and George Orwell, Elmira College Media Artist Jan Kather is presenting an assembly of found poems, prints and video in an installation titled "Erasures" in the annual members show at Ithaca's State of the Art Gallery. The installation, on exhibit through May 29th, continues Jan's exploration of palimpsests and the human desire to either forget unsavory histories, or rewrite them in a more flattering manner, an easy (and maybe unsettling) task today with unfettered Internet posting. The artist cooperative gallery, located at 120 W. Martin Luther King/State Street in Ithaca, is open Wednesday - Friday, noon to 6pm and Saturday - Sunday from noon to 5pm.