Arts Alive Juried Student Art Exhibition, Annual Art Alumna Show

March 01 2016
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Arts Alive 2016 continues in March with the Juried Student Art Exhibition and Annual Art Alumna Show from March 1-31 in the lobby of the Gannett-Tripp Library. This year’s exhibit also features alumna Jodie Marie Traugott '84 and Campbell Grade '17, the winner for the 2016 Juried Student Show.  All are welcome and encouraged to view the works of the many talented individuals and celebrate the arts.

Artist Statement: Jag Tycker om Kaffe (I Like Coffee)
      Campbell Grade ’17, 2016 Juried Student Show Winner

The six paintings of Jag Tycker om Kaffe are painted using coffee because it is a non-toxic medium. Paint is filled with heavy metals and chemicals that are harmful to the environment and the artist. As the paintings age, conservators add layers of chemicals to preserve the quality of the work up to hundreds of years after the piece has been completed. In contrast to this emphasis on the conservation of art, my paintings of Stockholm are unable to be preserved. The paper will yellow and will deteriorate along with the acidic coffee.

Jag Tycker om Kaffe, is in part an experiment because I don’t know how long the paintings will last. Will be one year or five? I do not know the long term effects the coffee will have on the paper and that is what I find exciting. We create things that we want to last longer than our lifetime such as the buildings in my paintings. They are built exactly how they are supposed to be with the knowledge of the required upkeep to ensure it will remain standing. The Royal Palace of Sweden, Sveriges Kungahus is over 260 years old; I think that my paintings will last one one-hundredth of that time before beginning to deteriorate. People will only have a short period of time to consider my paintings and the significance of temporary things along with the environmental cost of trying to hold onto substances that will not last forever. Ironically, the glass cases the paintings will be displayed in can protect them from harm and preserve the art at least for a month.

For more information and a full view of Campbell's proposal, click here:

About Jodie Marie Traugott ’84

"I 'discovered' art in my early 20's and have never stopped creating since. Photography is my latest love, but I've been a painter for over 40 years. I consider myself a Renaissance woman with my hand in many disciplines and a love for all artistic ways and means. Because of that, my work is all over the style, medium and intent. I look at that as a strength, not a weakness!”

Jodie Traugott graduated from Elmira College with a BA in 1984. She was the first adult, off-campus student to go Junior Year Abroad to Italy and the first art major to complete an honors project, which consisted of a 100 piece exhibit of her work accompanied by a written component of memoirs, motivation and intent enhancing the work in the show. She continued her education at Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Fine and Applied Arts, where she received her MFA while commuting from Elmira.

Jodie has held many professional positions. She was first a docent for the Arnot Art Museum and then its Education Curator and Program Director. After leaving Elmira, she has held other positions including Program Director at a YWCA, Education Director at a Boys and Girls Club, Director of an Artists League, Mural Artist, and Interior Designer. As the Program Coordinator at a daycare for dementia patients, she instituted client art exhibits that sold work created at the daycare.

Jodie is now retired but her work has been exhibited and sold since 1974 and is in many private and public collections in twelve states, Scotland, Italy and Germany. Jodie is also known as jm-ART, an acronym that includes the initials of her full name, Jodie Marie Anne Richardson Traugott.  She signs her work with this acronym and/or with a star.

Many Paths - jm-ART

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