Elmira College Transforms Dining on Campus

May 08 2015
Category: Campus Life

The College has experienced enormous transformational change over the past three years that has impacted virtually every aspect of living and learning on campus. Technological upgrades, classroom renovations, a new Health Sciences Center, expanding services in the Gannett-Tripp Library, new majors and programs, new athletic team sports – the list goes on.

We are proud of these enhancements and the commitment, generosity and tireless energy of those who have worked to transform the Elmira College experience for our students. We thank the entire community, the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, alumni and friends who have given their resources, time, and talent to move the College forward.

The transformation continues.

I am pleased to announce that Elmira College has selected Chartwells to be the College’s premier dining services provider. Chartwells is the recognized leader in foodservice management, hospitality and award winning “YouFirst” guest service within college and university dining environments throughout academic institutions across the United States. They take tremendous pride in the service they offer, while providing nutritious cuisine that satisfies the unique appetites, lifestyles, and dietary needs of the entire campus community.

For more information, visit Chartwells online.

The operational transformation of Elmira College Dining Services will take place in two phases. 

Phase One:

On Monday, June 1, Chartwells will become the College’s new provider of food service to all campus dining locations, including the Campus Center Dining Hall, Simeon’s, the 1855 Room, MacKenzie’s, Mrs. Sweeney’s, Harris Café, and the Murray Athletic Center.

Highlights of the new campus dining service experience will include a restaurant-quality and culinary-driven dining program with a focus on delicious, nutritious ingredients and wellness. As the College continues its partnership with Chartwells, exciting changes will begin to appear on campus.

This summer, Chartwells will begin major renovations to MacKenzie’s. When the College opens for the fall term, MacKenzie’s will feature brick oven pizza, calzones, pastas, and more. Gourmet salads and sandwiches made-to-order will also be available.

Also over the summer, Mrs. Sweeney’s will be relocated to a space on the west side of the first floor of the Campus Center, before entering Tifft Lounge, and will provide the community with more convenience store options. The Campus Center Dining Hall will be expanded into the current Mrs. Sweeney’s location and receive three new exciting and innovative culinary options. I am delighted to announce that Elmira College will open an official Starbucks© store in the 1855 Room in the Campus Center in the spring of 2016.

Phase Two:
During the summer of 2016, Chartwells will begin extensive renovations of the food service area and kitchen facilities. The newly renovated space will be fully operational for the opening of the fall term, 2016. Following that, Chartwells will upgrade the Harris Café facilities and services.

For the 2015-2016 academic year, Elmira College Dining Services will continue to utilize an “a la carte” style pricing structure for meals served in the Campus Center Dining Hall. In the 2016-2017 academic year, the College will transition to an “all-you-care-to-eat” model with a variety of meal plan options for students.

Additionally, the Elmira College Office of Communications and Marketing and Chartwells are partnering to build an interactive website, social media platforms, and an app to bring dining on campus to computers, tablets and smartphones. The new website will premiere next month and will serve as the primary engagement tool and information resource for all things dining.

Last, but certainly not least, it is important to note that the College is partnering with Chartwells to provide current Dining Services employees with customized education and training as Chartwells assumes an operational role at each dining location. Elmira College Dining Services will continue to exist as a department. What will change is the quality and delivery of campus dining with an integrated, enhanced focus on nutrition and wellness.

Elmira College looks forward to beginning its new relationship with Chartwells. Chartwells will be providing the College community with renderings of their renovations shortly. Once fully onboard, members of the community will receive ongoing updates from Chartwells regarding the new and exciting programs that will be introduced as they transform the dining experience at Elmira College.


Dr. Ronald O. Champagne
Elmira College