Dr. Milissa Volino Earns Ph.D. in Nursing

August 19 2014
Category: Faculty

“I think nurses experience a lot of role strain, on all levels, and nurses who pursue education often have to work full-time. I think setting the example for students that you can be a full-time student, work, and have children, and still be successful is important. Many times my students were shocked to realize that I was able to juggle all of those things, and it probably inspired many of our nontraditional students to recognize that they could also pursue advanced education.” 
-Dr. Milissa Volino

Dr. Melissa Volino

Dr. Milissa Volino, Associate Professor of Nurse Education earned her Ph.D. in Nursing, with an emphasis on research, this past May from Duquesne University.

Originally from Tioga County, Pennsylvania, she attended Mansfield University where she earned her bachelor’s degree. She later attended Syracuse University, earning a Master’s degree in Nursing, with an emphasis on Adult Health.

As part of her studies, Dr. Volino created, piloted, and administered a survey to a national sample of nurses, receiving a significant number of responses. She explained briefly about the survey:

“Part of my Ph.D. was a national study of nurses, I looked at factors that influence nurses’ intentions to provide weight management education to hospitalized, obese adults.”

Dr. Volino has been a member of the Elmira College faculty since 2000, first accepting a half-time position that allowed her to spend time at home with her three children and also work.

In 2002, she accepted a full-time, tenured track position in the Nursing department. Her teaching philosophy reflects her strong belief in lifelong learning, as she stated:

“I am a life-long learner. I want my students to understand that they will never stop learning. One thing you come to understand, in any field, is that you never know it all. I expect my students to behave as if they were professionals, so everything I expect in the classroom is what I would expect from an employee.”

Like many other faculty members in the health sciences, Dr. Volino is excited about the addition of the Health Sciences Center. She attributes its future success to multidisciplinary functionality, encouraging collaboration between different departments. The e-simulators will enhance student’s ability to learn from mistakes without adversely affecting a person’s life. Additionally, she said:

“I am incredibly excited about the Health Sciences Center. Earning my Ph.D will allow me to expand my research platform in the Health Sciences Center so that I can further develop my skill set and encourage students to participate in research.”

In addition to all of her professional and personal responsibilities, Dr. Volino is also a committee chairman for the Boy Scouts of America. One requirement of the Boy Scouts is for members to meet an individual from a foreign country. She is thrilled to bring the Boy Scouts to campus to meet people from different backgrounds. She states:

“It’s been wonderful because they tell them what life is like where they live, and the individual is someone close in age, so I feel that it is more appreciated.”

In her closing remarks, Dr. Volino stated:

“Elmira College has been a great place to work and I am happy here. If it wasn’t for the flexibility of the College’s administration and those in the Nurse Education Program, I probably wouldn’t have been able to go back to school and earn my Ph.D.; it wouldn’t have been attainable.”