Teacher Education and Speech-Language Programs Granted National Accreditation

June 11 2014
Category: Academics

Speech and Hearing Clinic

On May 7, 2014, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) granted TEAC (Teacher Education Accreditation Council) Accreditation status to the College’s Undergraduate Teacher Education Program, the Graduate Literacy Program and Speech-Language Disabilities Program. The accreditation status for each program is effective May 7, 2014 through May 7, 2021. The College received the maximum number of years of accreditation status (seven) authorized under TEAC accreditation guidelines.

Dr. Linda Pratt, Executive Director of Teacher Education and Charles Dana Professor of Education, noted, “Having CAEP accreditation status assures stakeholders that Elmira College’s Teacher Education students are better prepared today for tomorrow's classrooms.”

Dr. Charles Lindsay, Associate Dean of Faculty and Director of Academic Advising also stated, "Maintaining high standards for the College’s academic programs is vital to the success of our students. The fact that TEAC authorized accreditation of these professional programs is a testament to the dedication of our faculty serving and teaching in these areas.”

Rationale for receiving accreditation is specific as it relates to student outcomes:

“Program quality and improvement are determined, in part, by characteristics of candidates that the provider recruits to the field; the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions that candidates bring to and acquire during the program; the relationships between the provider and the P-12 schools in which candidates receive clinical training; and subsequent evidence of completers’ impact on P-12 student learning and development in schools where they ultimately teach.”

CAEP Standard Five: Rationale

Visit the TEAC website for more information, including a list of other colleges and schools who received accreditation.