Student Presents Research at Philosophy Conference

May 22 2013
Category: Academics

Recently, Elmira College Student Anthony Annunziata '13 presented a research paper at the SUNY Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. His paper was entitled "An Ethics of Becoming". After the presentation, Anthony was required to answer questions from an assigned discussant and the audience.

His abstract was as follows:
In this essay I read Friedrich Nietzsche as a systematic thinker by attempting to show how a literal, metaphysical reading of his doctrine of the eternal recurrence is both compatible with and, in fact, complementary to a reading of the doctrine as one of primarily moral implication. I do this first by establishing what I refer to as Nietzsche’s “true metaphysics of becoming,” in which I understand each of a being’s discreet influences on the external world to be a basic constitutive substance of the universe. I am thus able to make sense of Nietzsche’s more seemingly outlandish metaphysical claims about the nature of the individual while allowing for the possibility of a comfortable and systematic integration of these claims with his moral assertions.