Bryan Karazsia Presents for EC Lecture Series in the Sciences

October 24 2012
Category: Events

Bryan Karazsia, an assistant professor of psychology at the College of Wooster, gave a talk to the EC community on October 18, "Happy Fish and Suicidal Shrimp: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Solutions to the Presence of Antidepressants in Water Sources."

Dr. Karazsia spoke about research that he is conducting with a colleague in Wooster's chemistry department, examining the unintended effects of antidepressant medications on animal behavior. Preliminary findings suggest that these medications, which enter the water supply, lead to atypical behavior in certain sea creatures, and can even cause physical deformities as well. As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Karazsia is interested in how alternatives to medication (such as psychotherapy) could reduce the need for antidepressant prescriptions, thus reducing water pollution.

Over 50 EC students, faculty, and members of the local community attended the dynamic and engaging talk; after the presentation, Dr. Karazsia stayed for a question-and-answer session and addressed many related issues that his talk raised. In addition, he stayed after to speak with interested students, most of them psychology or biology majors who had further questions.