Why Support the Health Sciences Center at Elmira College?

Elmira College is at a turning point in its history and stands ready to become an innovative leader in the delivery of quality health sciences education. The tradition of providing an exceptional liberal arts education and the compassionate and quality care of our students is the College’s legacy. The Health Sciences Center is an extension of the values we hold dear; values that speak to holistic learning, reflective thought, and the physical and emotional well-being of all people.

Your gift will ensure that the College can provide the physical and educational space necessary to equip students to be health care leaders of tomorrow. It is a monumental, yet necessary endeavor.

Health Sciences Center Named Giving Opportunities

Minimum Gift Named Giving Opportunity
$5,000,000 Health Sciences Center
$1,000,000 2nd Floor of Health Sciences Center
$1,000,000 3rd Floor of Health Sciences Center
$1,000,000 4th Floor of Health Sciences Center
$275,000 Clinical Simulation Laboratories (3)
Adult Lab: $500,000
Birthing Mom Lab: $350,000
Infant Lab: $275,000
$250,000 Health Assessment Labs (4)
Skills Clinic Assessment Labs (2) $300,000
Skills Clinic Practice Labs (2) $250,000
$250,000 West Wing Elevator
$125,000 Flexible Set-up Classrooms (4)
Large Classroom: $150,000 (1)
Small Classrooms: $125,000 (3)
$100,000 Home Healthcare Laboratory Apartments (2)
$60,000 Large Conference Room with kitchen
$50,000 Laundry Storage Areas (2)
$50,000 Lounge and Work Space Areas (2)
Student Lounge with lockers: $100,000
Faculty Lounge: $50,000
$25,000 Faculty Offices (18)

Gifts-in-kind of simulation equipment, classroom technology and medical furnishings are also welcome. For a list of specific equipment needs, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (607) 735-1770.