Serving Every Community


"Our aspirational goal at Elmira College is for the Nurse Education program to be the premier nursing program in the region. Our committed faculty and talented students together with our new state-of-the-art facilities will provide the catalyst for this evolution. Partnering with community and health care agencies in the region will create the synergy to build on the strong academic and clinical foundation which advances the knowledge, scholarship and practice to prepare graduates who are leaders at the bedside."

-Kathleen Lucke, PhD, RN
Dean of Health Sciences and Professor of Nurse Education

A critical element of modern health sciences education is the ability to recognize the role of community in the administration and delivery of patient health care. A distinct feature of the Health Sciences Center will be its focus on community service with an interdisciplinary curriculum that examines both individual and community health issues. Academic programs will prepare students with the requisite knowledge and skills to work with individuals, groups, and communities to improve health and wellness behaviors.

Elmira College faculty members in the Nurse Education program are extremely well-connected to medical centers and community health organizations in the Southern Tier region. Many are involved in local public health and advocacy organizations that serve and support women, children, and those in economically disadvantaged communities on issues related to teen pregnancy, suicide recognition and prevention, alcoholism, and others. Students participate in field visits and other professional and clinical interactions, a feature that further distinguishes the College’s Nursing program from others in the region. The Health Sciences Center will intensify faculty, student, and community interaction by broadening student exposure to a variety of real-world health environments.