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The Office of Student Success and Advocacy is committed to the growth, success and retention of all students through guidance, support, and cultivation of their personal well-being, academic success, and social transition to Elmira College.

The Office of Student Success and Advocacy at Elmira College is dedicated to the fullest development students potential both inside and outside of the classroom. Our office focuses on engaging resources and relationships so students can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding experience at Elmira. We work with you to personalize your journey and encourage growth. We continue to help you leverage the full value of your education. Whether you would like to embrace a new opportunity or need additional support for some aspect of your college experience.

The Office of StudentSuccess and Advocacy is here to help you:

  • Navigate challenges that emerge in the transition to college
  • Design an Elmira College experience that reflects your values and personal goals
  • Discover tools to help you learn and be successful


Within the Office of Student Success and Advocacy, there are a wide variety of resources available with the priority of engaging students in success and goal oriented services such as:

  1. Tutoring Services:
    • The George L. Howell Tutoring Center offers many services to students to aid their academic progress throughout their education at Elmira College, including course-specific walk in tutoring, group study, and one-on-one tutoring.
  2. S.O.A.R Mentoring Program:
    • S.O.A.R. mentoring is a peer mentoring program that is designed to provide support and resources to students as they transition from high school to college.
  3. Success Coaching:
    • Through regular one-on-one meetings, students will explore their unique processing styles and ingrained habits/beliefs, as well as creating actionable steps to meet their goals.The coaching relationship is established based on leveraging students strengths to meet their academic needs. Success coaching creates an individualized success plan that involves short term and long term goal setting.
  4. Academic Advocacy:
    • Assisting students in resolving academic and institutional challenges that may affect progression and a timely completion of degree.
  5. Academic Probation Recovery:
    • In order to facilitate improvement, students placed on academic probation will be required to meet terms of an academic success plan.
  6. LRS 1050 Success Strategies Seminar:
    • A personal development 3-Credit course offered to first year students focusing on academic success and the development of related living skills which go beyond the academic environment.