Market Yourself


Resume Writing

A resume serves as an employer’s first impression of you. On average, a recruiter spends 10 seconds, or even less, reading a resume. A resume doesn’t get you the job, however; the resume gets you the interview. It’s important to impress the reader by highlighting your relevant qualifications and experiences…and doing so quickly. Utilize the Office of Career Services to help you create, update, and finalize your resume – and to help you stand out from the competition. Having trouble getting started? Use our Resume Worksheet to help you start the brainstorming process!


Are you LinkedIn? Use this professional social media platform to discover where Elmira College alumni work, what they do, and how you can connect with them!

Cover Letter Writing

Just like a resume, your cover letter is an important marketing tool used to introduce you to a prospective employer. Cover letters allow you to further explain your qualifications and skills, and how they are relevant to the position and organization in which you are applying. Writing an impressive and effective cover letter can be a differentiate when employers are narrowing down the candidate pool. Need help tailoring your cover letter(s) to the jobs you are applying for? Use the Cover Letter Quick Guide to get started! 


TED (Technology, Education, Design) is an organization which posts short presentations or talks online from inspiring speakers and thought leaders…in 18 minutes or less. Watch one of the 2400+ talks to listen to influential people sharing their experiences and ideas on about any topic or subject imaginable.