Career-Related Internship

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In the 2016-2017 academic year, Elmira College students completed 72,750 hours of internship experience. 

At Elmira College, all full-time students participate in the Career-Related Internship Program. An internship is an integral part of the student learning experience, linking the knowledge learned in the classroom to practical application in the workplace. The intern is expected to complete at least the minimum number of required hours of career-related experience with an organization that aligns with their career goals. Students are strongly encouraged to exceed the minimum requirement, as well as complete multiple internships to further develop and explore their chosen area of study. We expect our students to gain significant “real world” experience, developing and enhancing their skill set during the internship process. Internship supervisors are encouraged to provide substantial job responsibilities and projects consistent with entry-level professional positions.

Students are expected to view the internship as a professional experience. Both the intern and internship supervisor have access to the Office of Career Services for consultation, guidance, and support related to any aspect of their involvement with the internship program, if needed.

Interested in adding an Elmira College intern to your team? Contact Sarah Hammer, Employer Relations Specialist. 

Elmira College Named National Top Ten College for Internships by U.S. News & World Report