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Every full-time Elmira College student is a member of the Student Association (SA). Your voices opinions, interests, values and concerns make up the largest and most important part of Student Government here. Student Government exists to represent YOU!

The Student Association is made up of four branches, each overseen by members of the Student Association Executive Council. They are the Student Senate, the Judicial Board, the Finance Board and the Student Activities Board (SAB). Each Board plays a specific role in student government, and each affects the entire Student Association in one way, shape, or form.

What is the Student Association (SA)?

The Student Association (SA) SA is student-governed by the Student Association Executive Council, which consists of seven campus-wide elected students. Each branch and organization within the Student Association has advisors. The Student Association is ultimately advised by the Vice President of Enrollment Management, the Dean of Student Life, and a Faculty Representative.

The Senate oversees officially recognized clubs and organizations, recognizes new clubs, and brings student concerns to the faculty and administration. Each recognized student organization and those seeking recognition must elect a senator to attend each weekly session of Senate on Sundays at 6:30 p.m. in the Gannett-Tripp Library, Tripp Lecture Hall. Senate is actively advised by the Vice President of Enrollment Management, the Dean of Student Life, and a Faculty-selected full-time faculty member.

The students at Elmira College have a voice, and plenty of means to have it heard. Concerns brought to Senate really do get answered and quickly. Anything from broken toilets to safety concerns to course requirements to questions about construction, computers, discipline, food … you get the idea. As members of the legislative branch, Senators help make important decisions. Why not find out more about how you can help them do it?

Become a Senator. All clubs need one. Each Residence Hall needs one (and Towers needs two). Senators are important liaisons between the student body and the student government, and their positions are important in making decisions and bringing concerns to Senate. Senators also serve on committees, from the Dining Services committee to the Curricular Policy Committee, to the Campus Climate Committee, and Student Handbook Committee. And guess what? They all have a voice in the decisions these committees make about critical issues and changes here at the College. Run for another office. Become a Judicial Board representative for your class. Apply to be a member of Finance Board. Run for class office. Or run for a position on the Student Association Executive Council. Ask us questions! Hey, we do this because we're here to help you and we love it!

The Student Association Executive Council (SA Exec) holds weekly closed meetings to discuss the state of the Student Association. Composed of the five governing offices and the president and vice presidents of the financial, judicial, and student activities branches generate the agenda for Senate. They also share information regarding the status of their boards, discuss and plan for upcoming events, and discuss any rumors or the buzz from students on campus. Each Board gets one vote (so the Justices share one vote for the Judicial Board. The same applies to Finance Board and SAB).

Finance Board oversees club funding and helps clubs manage their treasuries and budgets. The board creates, reviews, allocates, approves, and monitors student and club budgets and financial requests (i.e., conference funding, socials, capital equipment purchases, and special event funds). They are responsible for the entirety of the Student Activities Fee that each full-time student pays. They fund everything from club socials to academic and professional conferences, trips, Holiday Weekend, dances, Finals Countdown, Siblings and Friends Weekend, receptions, Honor Society inductions, Hoops Hysteria, and campus renovations. They are actively advised by the Comptroller, Assistant Comptroller, Bursar, and the Dean of Student Life.