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Enhancing the development of Elmira College students through a comprehensive and diverse array of co-curricular experiences in a supportive and collaborative environment. Through the management of co-curricular special interest clubs and organizations, student government, recreational and weekend programming, and orientation programs and management of the Campus Center, the Office of Student Activities contributes to student retention through the personal, professional, and intellectual engagement and development of students.

Involvement in Student Activities serves to:

I. Enhance student proficiency in critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication through the vehicle of co-curricular special interest clubs, student government organizations, positions of leadership, and socially relevant, educational, and entertaining programming;

II. Enhance the students' ability to contribute to the positive and productive social experience and life of a community by providing a wealth of opportunities to meet and interact with members of the community including other students, administrators, faculty, and staff members;

III. Facilitate the development of student leadership, followership, collaboration, and interpersonal skills;

IV. Give students the arena to utilize life-long learning skill sets ranging from time management, budget management, and resource allocation, to goal setting, effective meeting management, event planning, mediation, conflict resolution, cause investment, and activism;

V. Give students the opportunity to confidently and assertively present information to large and small groups using various forms of media (newspaper, radio, literary magazines) and information technology;

VI. Deepen the students' sense of philanthropy through a lasting recollection of an active and participative college experience with life-long relevance.

VII. Hone communication and leadership skills by engaging in such activities as group participation and collaboration in clubs, organizations, committees, honor societies, student media, and student government.