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All first year students live in double rooms, with a roommate. You tell us how you live and study, then we match you with a roommate with similar interests. Each double room has two desks, two dressers, two closets, two desk chairs, a set of fire retardant curtains and two extra long twin-sized beds.

Each room has an Internet connection for each student, independent of the telephone line. Roku devices that use an ethernet cord to plug into the internet port work best.

In each residence hall, you can do your laundry (without quarters), play piano or a game of pool, and meet with study groups to study for you upcoming exams. You can catch a game or your favorite show with your friends in the TV lounge and even grab a snack from the vending machines.

Each residence hall is supervised by a professional staff member, the Residence Life Coordinator or RLC, and student staff, Resident Assistant or RA. The RLC lives in the building and a RA lives on each floor. These staff members are given extensive training to help meet the diverse needs of students.

First year students are generally placed in Anderson or Columbia Halls. Both buildings are co-ed by room, but the first floors are designated as female-only. Our first-year residence halls have proven to be supportive environments for first-year students where they can adapt to living away from home and learn to be independent with guidance and encouragement from RLCs and RAs along the way.

Upperclassmen have additional living options. After the first year you may want to live in a suite style room with friends, or in a single room. There are Cottages (one or two bedroom apartments), 5-person suites (2 double rooms and 1 single that share a common space), double rooms, rooms with air conditioning, and a few rooms with their own kitchenette.

Living on campus gives you many options. That is why we require all undergraduate students to live on campus and have a meal plan unless they live with a legal guardian within 30 miles, are 25 years of age or older, married or living with biological children. With all the campus has to offer, most people would not want to live anyplace else.