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Special Interest Housing Options

Honors Program Housing

Students in the honors program have the opportunity to live on a co-ed floor of fellow honors students. This space will serve as more than simply another living option. The honors floor will be a living learning community in which students will have the opportunity to create a close-knit environment of highly motivated and like-minded individuals. Unlike most living spaces on campus, honors housing will also include a mix of first year and upperclassmen students, which will provide those living on the floor with a unique opportunity to interact with students from different graduating classes. This environment, supervised by one Resident Assistant specially selected for the floor, will promote study and scholarship and will also offer multiple opportunities to extend learning outside of the classroom. The students in honors housing will have specialized programming focused on delivering high quality academic and social experiences. Some examples of future activities and events include field trips to local museums, guest speakers, and movie viewings with discussions. Honors students living in honors housing may select one roommate who is not in the program, provided that the student is not on academic probation, and is in good standing with the College. Students interested in choosing honors housing for next year will select during the normal housing selection process.

Specific Opportunities:

Gender Inclusive Housing

Based on student advocacy, Elmira College has decided to initiate a new Community for the upcoming 2016-2017 academic year. Gender Inclusive housing will be an inclusive environment where students are given the opportunity to live with whomever they choose, regardless of gender, sex, or gender identity. We hope this housing option will empower students to make choices about their living situations and allow Elmira College the opportunity to meet the diverse needs of our students. Gender Inclusive Housing will be available to sophomores, juniors, seniors and transfer students. First year students may also apply to the Director of Residence Life for permission to live in this space. These students will be able to choose their living arrangements regardless of gender. The Office of Residence Life will only assign students to live in Gender Inclusive housing when it is requested. Elmira College is designating Perry Hall, second floor as the Gender Inclusive housing option with gender neutral bathrooms. These bathrooms will be open to all users, regardless of biological sex or gender identity. Private stalls with partitions enclose toilets, and showers with individual changing areas. These areas are safe, inclusive, and affirming communities built on mutual respect and trust regardless of their biological gender. Students interested in this option will also select on their normal room selection date.