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Sustainable Printing at Elmira College

Elmira College has chosen PaperCut as the software application to support our efforts of sustainable and efficient print operations. With the ability to provide better information to users of our Campus Community, smarter and more efficient choices can be made in support of day to day printing needs. As desired, the PaperCut system also allows users to control their own printing, by providing a more secure print environment. Users can now print securely using a “release on demand” option that integrates with an individual's campus ID Card.

PaperCut is also the tool of choice by Universities and Colleges all over the country in reducing waste and creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly print operation. The system allows us to collect important analytics and trends in an effort to continually understand the printing environment. This information will help us optimize print capabilities while also reducing the amount of toner and paper waste which is damaging to our environment.

Have questions about the PaperCut system? Please read our PaperCut FAQ document.

If you have additional questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at: