Information Security

Protecting Your Investment

Protect Your Personal Device!

A few tips on protecting your investment.

For college students, and for their parents, a computer is a significant investment, both financially and personally. Computers have become hubs for communication, work and entertainment – they are in many ways at the very center of a college student’s day-to-day life. However, this increasing reliance on computers comes with another cost—it requires an increasing awareness of how to protect your computer, and your data, against outside threats. While the suggestions below are general, at Elmira College we are committed to helping our students protect their PCs against contemporary dangers.

For complete information about connecting your computer to the Elmira College network and the Internet go to and choose Help Desk from the left navigation bar.

Before You Arrive on Campus

Please take these important steps to protect your computer before you arrive on campus. Your computer must have current and updated antivirus software and system updates installed before it can connect to the Elmira College network.

System updates and antivirus protection

Recommended Browsers

When You Arrive on Campus

When you first plug your PC or Mac into the Elmira College networked you will be asked to register your computer with your EC username and password. Your computer must have the latest system, antivirus, and spyware updates installed to gain full network access, including the Internet.