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During an event that may disrupt access to campus resources and systems (epidemic, inclement weather, fire or other major disaster), the IT Department has developed the "ABC" or "Academic & Business Continuity Plan" to provide direction and guidance in efforts for a continuation of academic and business needs. This plan will serve to provide documentation on available resources and various methods in support of both business and academic operations via virtual means, remote and online teaching.


Elmira College has many online, virtual and cloud based technologies that can be effectively used and leveraged to perform daily operations remotely. Disruption to physical space (classes, offices, conference rooms, etc.) can provide challenges and obstacles, but the usage and implementation of virtual, cloud and online resources can provide the necessary tools for Academic & Business continuity. Please review a list of resources below.


Virtual Presence is the concept of supplementing and extending teaching, learning and other business operations through the leveraging of technology.

1. Beginning of each Term (Via Canvas)
Post Syllabus
(Ensure ABC plan is mentioned)
*See example below
Upload Materials
(readings, docs, presentations)
Setup Course Gradebook Activate Discussion Board
Create Welcome Message
2. During the Term (Via Canvas)
Post Regular Announcements Create Assignments
Use Discussion Board Post Grades

Sample Syllabus & Assignment Example
Minor Additions and Change during ABC Implementation

Original Syllabus With ABC Plan Included

Classroom and Testing Accommodations:

  • Students who require accommodations, must provide current...

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism:

  • Students should read carefully the relevant section of the Code...

Absence Policy:

  • If you need to miss a quiz or exam, you must contact...

Classroom and Testing Accommodations:

  • Students who require accommodations, must provide current...

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism:

  • Students should read carefully the relevant section of the Code...

Academic & Business Continuity:

  • In the event where disruption of physical resources, classrooms, etc. prevent meeting face to face, we will take advantage of online resources/tools utilizing Canvas to continue meeting as a class in a virtual presence.
  • In cases where we must utilize the Academic & Business Continuity Plan, class assignments will naturally change to meet any constraints presented by the use of the online environment.
Original Assignment Adaptive Assignment

- Each student must actively participate in the day's lecture regarding the "Battle of Waterloo" as tactics from Jomini's "Art of War" are examined and discussed.

- Written assignment will be handed out at the end of class and it will be due at the beginning of the following class. Questions will look for specific examples from the assigned reading for "Center of Gravity", "Interior Supply Lines" and "Concentration of Power".

- The days lecture will involve supplemental power point slides and pdf notes submitted and available on Canvas beginning at 11 am.

- A discussion post will be created asking a question or several questions regarding "The Battle of Waterloo".

- Each student must answer the question (using 50 to 100 words) and additionally reply to at least 3 of their classmate's answers.

- Homework will be posted and needs to be submitted by midnight prior to the next assigned class.


Canvas is our learning management system. This platform contains tools for nearly every aspect of the academic experience. Tools include file sharing, discussion pages, assignment submissions, quizzes & tests, gradebook, etc.


Accessing Canvas Guides
The EC Cloud is a Sharepoint site which currently serves as a file repository for many departments on campus. The advantage to using the EC Cloud versus traditional based file storage is the ability to easily access files and documents via a web browser from any location.
MyEC is a web portal used for many needed items and resources, including course scheduling, transcripts, grades, housing, time reporting, payroll, advising & registration, tax & budget.
VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to the Elmira College network is available from College-owned laptops providing a secure connection into the College network from anywhere in the world.


Connecting to VPN from a College Laptop
Remote Desktop is a service that is available within the campus network or with the VPN. This is used often when specialized software has been installed on one computer, but is needed in another location temporarily. A user can use one computer but still connect to another one.


Connecting Home PC to Work PC
Connecting Home Mac to Work PC
  • Zoom is a web-hosted conferencing solution. Zoom can be used in meeting like environments by including many people simultaneously, provide screen sharing, video, audio, etc.
  • Handbrake is software that allows people to compress videos.


Zoom Quick-Start Guide
Save a Zoom Meeting to the Cloud
Using Google Meet
Download Handbrake to PC
Handbrake Compressing

Check Your Voicemail

From off-campus to check your voicemail dial (607) 735-1700, when you hear the recording dial # and then enter your 4 digit office extensions. You will hear your name recording and be prompted to put in your current passcode, and then you can listen to your messages like you would on-campus.

Forward All Calls from Office Phone to Another Number

From your office phone dial *1 9 and then the number:

  • For numbers with a 607 area code: *195551212
  • For numbers without a 607 area code: *197175551212

To cancel the forward all call, dial #1 from your office phone.


A business virtual presence can be created by using a number of tools, including RDP, VPN and other online tools. Ideally, users who cannot access their office can still perform needed business functions and processes in support of College operations. The IT Department is analyzing technology capabilities and our readiness to sustain a virtual environment. Details will be released in the near future to ensure the continuity of business operations if needed.


If you have any questions or would like assistance setting up your course to have a Virtual Presence, please contact the IT Help Desk at (607) 735-1915 or setup an appointment via the IT Help Desk at

During a quarantine or time of disruption to space and resources, the IT Help Desk system, will continue to operate and be monitored.