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The Elmira College Internship (FEX 4510) is a six academic credit course required of full-time students. The student intern is expected to complete a minimum of 240 hours of career-related experience with a host organization. This can be done by completing one six credit, 240 hour internship or two three credit, a minimum of 120 hour internships. Students may request a waiver of the internship requirement based on past qualified experience. The College expects the intern and placement supervisor to track and verify the required number of hours worked, and that the intern will emerge from the internship with a significant “real world” job experience and qualifications to pursue the career of their choice after Commencement.

For help obtaining an internship, stop into the Office of Career Services to review internship opportunities or schedule an appointment with a staff member! For more information or to schedule an appointment please stop by the Office of Career Services, GTL Learning Commons, call (607) 735 -1830 or email

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