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Center for Mark Twain Studies

Elmira College is one of the leading centers for Mark Twain research in the world. 

The Center for Mark Twain Studies Brochure may be downloaded here.

Reflecting its Mission, the Center for Mark Twain Studies:The Elmira College Center for Mark Twain Studies was founded in January 1983 with the gift of Quarry Farm to Elmira College by Jervis and Irene Langdon, the great-grand-nephew (and his wife) of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. The Center offers distinctive programs to foster and support Mark Twain scholarship and to strengthen the teaching of Mark Twain at all academic levels. The Center serves the Elmira College community and regional, national, and international students and scholars of Mark Twain.

  1. sponsors Quarry Farm Research Fellowships; a Distinguished Academic Visitors series; a public lecture series, The Trouble Begins at Eight; symposia, institutes and seminars; quadrennial international conferences on the State of Mark Twain Studies; and field trips and lectures for community, school, and Elmira College groups.
  2. preserves and protects Quarry Farm and the Mark Twain Study.
  3. trains Ambassadors to support tourism at the Mark Twain Study and Exhibit from May to October.
  4. responds to research and media inquiries.
  5. supports Elmira College faculty and student interest in Mark Twain.
  6. designs and publishes publications.
  7. assists in the publication of the Mark Twain Journal (MTJ). MTJ is devoted to the life and works of Mark Twain and draws where possible on contemporary sources. The Journal also explores Twain’s family and social relationships as well as his literary and intellectual connections. Founded in 1936 by Cyril Clemens (Editor, 1936-1983), the Mark Twain Journal is one of the oldest American journals devoted to a single author.

During the year, the Center for Mark Twain Studies sponsors a variety of activities, including:


To find out more about these programs, contact:

The Center for Mark Twain Studies
Elmira College
One Park Place
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: (607) 735-1941
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