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The Study

Mark Twain wrote some of his best work in Elmira

Mark Twain's Study

Susan and Theodore Crane surprised their brother-in-law Samuel L. Clemens with this study in 1874. It was placed about 100 yards from the main house at Quarry Farm on a knoll overlooking the Chemung River Valley. In this octagonal building Mark Twain wrote major portions of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Life on the Mississippi, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, The Prince and the Pauper, A Tramp Abroad, and many short pieces. In 1952 the Mark Twain Study was moved from Quarry Farm to the Elmira College campus. The Study is staffed by trained student guides daily throughout the summer and by appointment in the off-season.

The Mark Twain Exhibit

The Mark Twain Exhibit in Cowles Hall houses photographs, stereoscopic views, and memorabilia from the summers Mark Twain and his family spent in Elmira. The Exhibit also contains association furniture and clothing. Trained student guides are on hand to speak with visitors daily throughout the summer and by appointment in the off-season about Elmira's unique place in Mark Twain's life.

The Mark Twain Statue

The statue is a gift of the Elmira College Class of 1934, who have a long standing interest in Mark Twain and the Center for Mark Twain Studies. Made of bronze, the statue weighs 376 pounds. From the base to the top of the structure, it is 12 feet high, which is two fathoms or, as riverboat pilots would say, mark twain. The statue was created by Gary Weisman of Roseville, Pennsylvania.

The Olivia Langdon Statue

The statue is a gift of the Elmira College Class of 2008. Made of bronze, the statue weighs almost 600 pounds. Olivia, once a student at Elmira College, is attired in a dress that is part of the collections at the Chemung County Historical Museum on Water Street in Elmira. At the time when she wore the featured dress, Olivia had a twenty-inch waist (corseted) -- this after bearing four children. The statue shows Olivia with her hand extended toward the nearby statue of her husband while her glance takes in the Study some distance away. The statue was created by Gary Weisman of Newfield, New York.

The Mark Twain Study
If you are interested in the life and writings of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, consider a visit to his octagonal writing building – now called the Mark Twain Study.

The Study is open:
May 1st to Labor Day:
Monday through Saturday 9-5
Sundays Noon to 5

After Labor Day, weekends only, until October 15th:
Saturdays 9 to 5
Sundays Noon to 5

Always begin your visit at the Mark Twain Study. A Student Ambassador will greet you there to tell you about the Study. Next, the Ambassador may escort or direct you to the Mark Twain Exhibit located a half-a-block north of the Study on the Elmira College Campus.

If using GPS to locate the Study, the College address is: One Park Place, Elmira, NY 14901.

To make an off-season appointment contact:

The Center for Mark Twain Studies
Elmira College
One Park Place
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: (607) 735-1941
Fax: (607) 735-1756