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Painting the Town: Making Art in New York City (aka Project Dumbo)

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"Project DUMBO" is an all-encompassing intermediate to advanced off-campus art appreciation and career oriented course examining the general to specific challenges of the life of a young artist in NYC.  This course focuses on viewing, appreciating and understanding art including potential career development and job placement.  The course as a whole is a very unique and rare opportunity for any student interested in art and/or the business of art.  Students will see a lot of private and public art, visit many museums and galleries, and meet people from a wide range of art-related careers and possibly establishing vital connections.  The day-to-day itinerary involves looking at art and experiencing art-related and culturally diversified activities, i.e.; attending exhibition openings and receptions, museum functions, performances with a focus on visiting artist’s studios including dining on a variety of ethnic cuisine. Nine to ten students live together in a large loft in a dynamic and artistic neighborhood in Brooklyn known as “d.u.m.b.o.” (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  New York City has always been and continues to be a mandatory stop for any and all young artists and creative professionals in order to get a basic to specific understanding as to what it takes to make it in any number of art related fields and disciplines. The experience as a whole encourages creative andcritical thinking, networking skills, and learning about a range of cultures, while opening up students’ minds to a bigger and more potentially creative andhopeful world.