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Student Racing Challenge

As part of the Student Racing Challenge, Elmira College features the Race Engineering Camp, a one week, residential program designed to teach the science of motor sports through mathematical modeling, physics and analysis. Using a 1:10 Scale RC car and controller, you choose the best gears, chassis geometry, map the ideal drive path around a curve and – just like the car companies do – use a skid pad and Newton’s Laws of Motion to find the coefficient of friction. This week of instruction will end with a visit for students and their families to Watkins Glen International for lunch and admission to the Zippo 200 NASCAR® Nationwide Series race.

The Student Racing Challenge is a project-based STEM curriculum through which high school students practice the art of being professionals. Participants collaborate, create and compete in ways that mirror motor sports teams, engineers, technicians, green transportation designers, and business and marketing executives.


Coleen Jacobson is the Director of the Mathematics Tutoring Center at Elmira College.  Prior to coming to Elmira’s campus in 1990, she was an assistant professor of mathematics at Concordia College in River Forest, Illinois.  Her main area of interest is algebra, but she enjoys teaching and tutoring all levels of mathematics.