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Pre-College Experience

Mark Twain did his best work during his Summers in Elmira, so can you!

Welcome to the Summer Educational Experience
at Elmira College for High School Students!
Sunday, July 27 – Saturday, August 9, 2014

***ATTENTION: Application Deadline Extended to June 1st!***


Elmira College’s residential pre-college summer experience, SEE EC, provides an opportunity for high school students to experience college life and take college-level courses while living in a diverse campus environment. The College offers seven courses in a variety of different fields designed for pre-college students. This program allows participants to experience college life while they explore academic areas of interest. The program also helps participants develop early strategies, both academically and personally, that will lead towards success.

At SEE EC, high school students will experience college life; attend innovative, small classes led by some of our best faculty; and earn three (3) college credits. This college experience will be educational and fun. A key component is a focus on College Success Skills that will help to better prepare attendees for a successful transition to college when the time comes. Additionally, the program includes fun activities, including several off-campus excursions. All transportation and fees are included in the program cost.

Credits earned during the two-week summer college program are accepted at Elmira College and are normally transferable to other colleges.