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Experience the World of the Performing Arts!

Encore performance

The Encore program, our innovative performing arts requirement, gives credit to students for attending performances in theatre, dance and music during Term I and Term II of the freshmen and sophomore years. Encore provides an opportunity for students to broaden their experiences and deepen their knowledge of the performing arts by attending events and learning from high quality performers.

Encore Student Learning Objectives:Upon successful completion of the Encore program, students will:

  1. Distinguish between the characteristics of global music styles from diverese cultural heritages;
  2. Distinguish the role between professional performers, composers, playwrights, and student performers and accurately list at least 2 composers from the classical canon, 2 playwrights, and 2 world musicians;
  3. Identify diversity within the performance genres: music (instrumental and vocal), dance, theatre; style: classical, traditional or world (outside of the western tradition); instrumentations: solo, trio, quartet, ensemble, orchestra, symphony; and instrument families: wind, brass, percussion, strings;
  4. Identify the method for assessing performance quality and the production value including production elements: set, design, costume, technicians, performers; performance characteristics: audience response, performer interaction, company size, training, length of performance, structure, technique; and performance elements: dynamics, lyrics, expression; performance mood: images, senses, interaction;
  5. Display and employ knowledge of theatre etiquette, and a practical competence for performance protocol;
  6. Display and employ an understanding of collaboration, the creative process in live performance, global awareness, and community engagement.

The variety of performances include:

Take advantage of your Elmira College experience! The Encore staff will do all it can to offer you a professional and diverse performing arts program. We invite you to sit back and enjoy. Exposure to music, dance and theatre provides the opportunity to explore your own culture and the cultures of others, to become acquainted with the world of the arts, and to learn about yourself.

Think Global!

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns about the Encore program.

Ms. Misheaila Neil
Director of Encore
Encore Office located in Campus Center Student Activities and Encore Suite

Ms. Sarah Hammer '13
Encore Assistant and Box Office Manager
Office located in Gibson Theatre

Mr. Scott McGuire
Technical Director of Theatre