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A. Course Number and Title:
Encore I: ENC1010 , Encore II: ENC1020 , Encore III: ENC2010 , Encore IV: ENC2020

B. If you have questions, contact:
Misheaila Neil,
Director of Performing Arts Programming,
Phone: (607) 735-1814
Office located in the Campus Center Office Suite,
Office Hours: 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. Monday-Friday,
Walk-in Hours: Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. -4:00 p.m.

C. Course Content and Learning Objectives
Exposure, exploration, and appreciation of the classical and cultural performing arts through the vehicle of experience acquired through attendance to provide a collaborative environment of both liberal and professional education with sufficient breath and depth to enable the students to become more responsible and productive in society.

The Encore course achieves its mission of student learning outcomes by:

  1. Adding dimension to their Elmira College liberal arts education in the rigor demanded by the classical performing arts by focusing on specific topics of inquiry for a sustained period, successfully completing intensive, cross-disciplinary and innovative studies.
  2. Gaining insight into the world of the classical and cultural performing arts armed with the necessary theatre etiquette to enhance experiences beyond the classroom which exhibiting their ability to effectively interact with others and contribute to life in the community.
  3. Establishing a foundation for learning the top composers in the classical canon by achieving intellectual breadth while laying the foundation for life-long learning in professionally oriented positions.
  4. Enhancing exposure to music, dance, and theatre which provides the opportunity to develop and employ their critical thinking skills through exploring one’s own culture, the cultures of others, and nurturing a creative understanding of the classical canon.

D. Method of Instruction
You attend classical and cultural performing arts performances throughout the term. For on-campus events, performers will discuss the content and history of their craft, be it music, dance, or theatre. Additionally, as a resource throughout the course, you will be able to utilize the Meet and Greet sessions following the performance to talk with the performers.

E: Course Requirement and Methods of Evaluation
Encore is a Performing Arts Appreciation Course and is a graduation requirement. Student performance is evaluated on a Pass-Fail basis. To fulfill your Encore requirement and obtain the necessary credit toward graduation, you will be responsible for completing four terms of Encore. These four terms will take place during Terms I and II of your first and second years. For each term of Encore you will be responsible for attending eight or more Encore Events and then completing a 3-5 FULL page paper. Do not turn in your paper at the last minute because you will want to leave enough time to make appropriate changes if the director deems it necessary. You will receive a mid-term warning if you have not attended 4 events by mid-term. After successfully completing each term you will receive .25 credit hour toward the one credit hour required for Encore. We understand that you may not have reserved tickets ahead of time and that sometimes the majority of the performances occur after break. Please contact the Office of Encore if this is the case. In order to help you keep track of the number of performances you have attended throughout the term, you will receive progress reports to determine that your records match ours.

G. The Waiver Option
The option exists to attend up to two performances other than those on the Encore schedule and receive credit towards your eight required events each term. The waiver option requires all students enrolled in Encore to research the local professional classical and cultural performing arts opportunities and to present these to be approved by their Instructor. All students must submit both Waiver Form A for official approval prior to the attending the waiver performance to the Office of Encore. After approval has been granted and following attendance at the waiver performance, Waiver Form B must be submitted with the program stub, program, waiver summary (100 words for each section totaling 1 page), no later than two weeks subsequent to the performance date. A total of two waiver performances can be submitted per term for credit. For credit to be granted, the performance must be professional and approved by the Instructor. Therefore, High School productions will not receive credit. For example, Broadway productions are eligible if you go through the waiver process. Waiver Forms are available from the Office of Encore. Call the Director, Misheaila Neil at ext. 1814 or the Box Office at ext. 1853 for assistance. You should plan in advance! The waiver should be completed and submitted two weeks prior to a performance. Please read “The Waiver Option” sheet thoroughly before you choose this option.

H. Class Session Outline
The Gibson Theatre, Watson Fine Arts Arena, and the Clemens Center serve as the classroom for Encore. Therefore, the performances are reliant upon the utilization of the senses.

I. Discipline
The theatre etiquette fits within the course objectives thus students involved in violating or disregarding appropriate theatre etiquette will receive first a WARNING CARD if they violate during performances. If the behavior is repeated twice they receive a DISMISSAL CARD and are required to meet with the Instructor following the performance that evening.