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Paper Assignment

Encore performance

In order to earn credit for your Encore experience, you must hand-deliver your paper to the Box Office by 5:00 p.m. on December 9th, 2013, the Monday of finals week. The purpose of your Encore paper is for you to reflect back over your six Encore experiences this term, reviewing, interpreting, and describing in some detail how you have changed and what you have learned during the term.

Box Office protocol for when you turn your papers:

A satisfactory paper will include correct:


Paper Format:

A paper will not be satisfactory if it is poorly organized or marred by grammatical and spelling errors, or if it is not your own work or fails to demonstrate, by providing sufficient detail, that you have participated appropriately in the course.

Ideas that you have learned or abilities that you have developed this term may be discussed in your paper. Be sure to use Encore events to illustrate your points.


Note: The Encore staff reserves the right to return a well-intentioned but poorly written Encore paper for revision by a specified deadline .